Frequently asked questions

1. What is Pixels4you? is an innovative website offering advertising space in the form of pixels. Website is primarily focuses on active promotion of its partners who decide to purchase such form of advertising.
2. What can you do with the purchased pixels?
Purchased space presented in pixels can be used to place any graphics - a logo of your web page or company, a picture, an icon or anything else, whatever you consider suitable in JPEG, PNG or GIF format, subject to prohibited publication of animated content. What's more, you can add a name to it, a description and a link that will lead directly to your page!
3. Why should you?
Pixels4you is most a of a completely new form of online advertising which stands out of the well-known and not so popular banner adverts, mailing adverts and other forms. Its great advantage is unique character and unconventionality allowing to reach potential clients and show your web page in a new, unusual way.
4. Why PAYPAL?
We offer payments through a global leader PayPal, which is fast, safe and convenient in use. Additionally, the website supports the following types of cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
5. Why cryptocurrency payments?
Cryptocurrencies are one of the fastest, most secure and state-of-the-art payment methods. This option allows you to buy your pixels everywhere - regardless of the place of your current stay. All of this without the need to hold a banking account.
6. How to pay with cryptocurrencies?
After choosing the option of payment via cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or USD Coin (USDC) you will be redirected to the coinbase commerce website. You will get the current converter of the selected cryptocurrency to $ and the payment address. Important! After sending cryptocurrencies, do not make a payment again, just wait up to 24 hours for the payment to be credited. The administrator has 72 hours to approve the advertisement after the payment has arrived.
7. What will 10% of the amount be spent on?
10% of the amount will be allocated for the support of persons and animals who need it the most. Information on charity activities will be published on our blog.
8. What’s not allowed?
More information related to the rules of website’s functioning can be found in the Regulations - Terms and Conditions.
9. How long will Pixels4you site be available online?
Purchased pixels will be active until the end of 2099.
10. What the different statuses means?
reserved: Your ad has been booked and you have 72 hours to pay for it to be displayed. payment verification: You have chosen the payment method and your payment has started. admin verification: The administrator must verify that your ad complies with our regulations – Terms and Conditions. The administrator has 72 hours to approve the advertisement after the payment has arrived. This status also appears when you change your advertisement, until your admin accepts it your ad is not visible. refused: Your ad violates the rules and you must change it, you will be notified by e-mail what you need to change it. You have the option of changing in my pixels, then the details and you can edit and change ad. When your ad receives this status it is not visible. active: Your ad has been accepted and is already displayed on the selected ad board by you. expired: Your account has been banned and every active advertisement will change into this status. blocked: Your ad was blocked because it violated the regulations – Terms and Condiotions and despite further warnings, its content was not changed. return of funds: The method you paid for ad was returned in the same way. More information on refunds is available in the regulations – Terms and Conditions.
11. What is the main currency on the site?
The main currency is the US Dollars (USD).
12. What shapes can my ad have?
The ad must have a square or rectangular shape.
13. What is the total ads limit for one Client?
The total limit of all ads for one Client is 100 blocks with pixels on all boards. The minimum number of pixels blocks is 1 (1x1), maximum 100 (10x10).
14. How big logo or graphic file can I upload?
The maximum file size is 1 MB and must be added in JPEG, PNG or GIF format, subject to prohibited publication of animated content. When uploading graphics to my profile is the same as above.
15. What is the price for one block of pixels?
The cost of a single pixels block on our homepage is $150 and on the theme boards it is $100.
16. Why I can't buy a new pixels block on the same board?
Your previous advertisement is in reserved, payment verification or admin verification status. Only in active status you can buy another advertising pixels block or pixels blocks in the same board.
17. What is the recommended resolution to view the page on a PC?
The recommended resolution on PC and laptops is 1920x1080.
18. Is the website responsive?
Of course, you can view it on any device.
19. The lines that are visible when editing the image in the buy pixels field will be visible?
They will not be visible, they are used for very accurate positioning of the transferred graphics in pixels blocks.
20. Can I create an account using facebook?
Of course, you must press the Sign in button - Sign in with Facebook, you must accept the terms and privacy policy. Then you can take full advantage of the website.

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