How it works

Advertise yourself like no one else does!

Buy your own pixels and make your promotion truly efficient


Pixels4you is a brand-new innovative marketing project which offers completely different approach towards Internet promotion. Instead of traditional adverts appearing as distracting banners, pop-up windows, junk mail and other ineffective tools, we offer you something completely new - interesting, and most of all a place that will attract the attention of people from all over the world !



How does it work?

Step 01

You create an account and select space on our homepage and 1 out of 15 theme boards where your advert is to be placed.

Step 02

You make a convenient payment using PayPal or cryptocurrencies, 10% of which will be transferred for charitable purposes.

Step 03

You enjoy efficient and uninterrupted advertisement of your web page until 2099.



What will you gain thanks to your presence on Pixels4you?


It will make you differ from the competitors

As a person responsible for promotion of your web page you surely realise how much the Internet is saturated with adverts. Omnipresent banners, videos, mailing and other forms of communication make advertising in its traditional form simply ineffective.
Pixels4you redefines advertisement, making it innovative, attractive and above all effective.

It is you who decide how you want to promote

At your disposal there is the homepage and 15 boards divided into categories - each consists of 2500 blocks (50x50). Due to intuitive interface you get to choose where and how you want to promote yourself - adding your logo or other graphics, also completing it with a name, description and a link to your WWW page. You can set the entire advertisement on your own, in 3 simple steps and you can make a one-ff payment using PayPal, or even via Cryptocurrencies.

You can see the total number of clicks on your ad

In my pixels window you can see the total number of clicks for your advertisement.


Your advertising supports others

10% of the payments will be allocated for charitable purposes chosen by us. Thus, you contribute not only to promotion of your web page, but also your money will support people and animals who need it the most.



And most of all...

You set the advertisement once and enjoy its effects until the end of 2099!

No need to worry about further promotion of your web page, as it is our job to handle it!


We’ll take care of the contacts with the media

We are convinced people will speak volumes about our project! We’ll see to it pursuing a comprehensive cooperation with the leading Internet services and others.

We’ll conduct SEO activities

We’ll make sure Pixels4you website is one of the most popular pages, and in turn its position will affect visibility of your web page.

Valuable blog

Promotion of our site will be complemented with a valuable blog, where trivia from the world of cryptocurrencies, as well as important information related to our charity activities will be published.

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